Welcome to a pedigree kennel von Haus Schiran!

Our kennel is registered in RKF-FCI organizations and professionally breeds German shepherd dogs.

The history of our kennel starts far back in 80-s. In those years we, Elena and Igor Shirans, couldn’t even imagine that our hobby will grow into a serious business and a beloved work.

It all started with an educational-training site. I visited it with my German dog Rex in 1983 for an intensive training. Later I achieved the highest results in various competitions for service dogs organized in Moscow.

I met my future husband in 1986, he was an experienced officer and a sportsman. Soon he got into cynology as well. We went really keen about this profession and developed rapidly as dog trainers. In some time we got certified as RKF judges of working qualities.

In 1990 and 1992 Igor became the absolute Champion of Moscow in pentathlon with service dogs and accomplished USSR master of sports standards. He took part in USSR Championships and Spartakiads many times.

All this time we had Rex with us. With this dog we achieved high results in various types or training. Rex was a strong hard-worker and a unique dog for us. He lived fourteen bright years and he’s always in our hearts.

Later we started thinking about our own kennel. Our work began under a moto: «Working qualities + excellent exterior». This is a perfect formula of a German shepherd dog. This breed is a priority for us since our work on a training site.

In 1990 we got our first brood after pairing our first female dog Wald-Lotti with a dog Ex. I cannot describe a joy of this moment — that’s how and when our kennel appeared.

Then two puppies were brought from Ukraine: a dog Apsel Polsi and a female dog Gipsi.

In 1991 our kennel received a pet from Hungary — a young dog Demsed Kuti Iko. He had Western German blood in his veins which was quite a rare thing for those times.

Eventually, in 1992 our dream to buy pedigreed dogs directly from Germany came true. We did it. Our first dog was a dog named Ksin v.d. Pelztifarm. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay in Russia for long and couldn’t contribute to new broods.

In 1993 we bought from Germany a dog named Kwei v. Michelstadter Rathaus who had a special SchH2 training and a lifetime allowance for breeding. Kwei had an excellent anatomy, built, nobleness and temper that helped him a lot to take leading positions as a top dog since the very first starts. He contributed hugely in forming the new brood base and breed type of our present kennel.

Later all our new dogs and female dogs were brought exclusively and only from Germany. For more than a 25-years history of our kennel we raised and trained a huge number of World and Russia champions.