kennel of German shepherd dogs

kennel of German shepherd dogs

kennel of German shepherd dogs

Welcome to a pedigree kennel von Haus Schiran!

Our kennel is registered in RKF-FCI organizations and professionally breeds German shepherd dogs.

The history of our kennel starts far back in 80-s. In those years we, Elena and Igor Shirans, couldn’t even imagine that our hobby will grow into a serious business and a beloved work.

It all started with an educational-training site. I visited it with my German dog Rex in 1983 for an intensive training. Later I achieved the highest results in various competitions for service dogs organized in Moscow.


Our kennel works for 25 years and is successfully developing


All our dogs are purebred, have excellent pedigrees and German roots


We pay special attention to exterior and working qualities of dogs


All our puppies have a balanced nervous system genetically, excellent psycho and temper


Since the very first days of life every puppy gets special health care, balanced feeding and comfortable living conditions


Our dogs are really successful in exhibitions, becoming champions of Russia and the World, getting recognized as the best dogs of the breed